Engagement Models

There are two ways to engage with us in conducting a process mining case study: consultancy and collaborative research.

  • We offer a fee-based consultancy engagement whereby we conduct a detailed process mining analysis of your business data to address a specific set of questions that you have about your business operations.
  • As a collaborative research partner, we engage with you to address complex and challenging issues within your business processes that align with our research interests.


Depending on the requirements from stakeholders, typical deliverables from a process mining analysis include:

  • a collection of discovered process models,
  • a detailed performance analysis report (process throughput times, relative frequencies of activities, bottlenecks identification, etc),
  • statistics related to process conformance analysis,
  • a report on resource behaviour analysis, and
  •  a set of animations/movies replaying events captured in the log.

Please contact us to discuss your organisation’s requirements.